Mother’s Day Ideas

mother – mom – mum – mère – mommy – madre – mutter – moeder – ma – marme – majka – maman

However you call her, moms are always there for us, looking out for us from the very start. So take this Mother’s Day to do something extra special to show her how much you appreciate all her love and support over the years. Of course there are flowers, a card, and chocolates, but why not do something that shows real originality and sentiment? After all, Moms tend to cherish that family drawing you made (before you learned to color inside the lines!) or that misspelled poem about how much you look up to her.

This is a great idea to surprise your Mom with, especially for Mother’s Day coming up! Remember your first grade essay where you wrote how you looked up to her because she was so smart/funny/kind/etc ?? What a great way to show her that you still do!

This wooden frame has been decoupaged with a high quality paper with an academic design. It features a myriad of academic subjects: Geometry, History, Art, Gym, Science, History, Algebra, Spanish, Health, etc (see photo for more).

It comes with a clear plastic hook, and the whole wooden piece has been carefully sealed with several layers of sealant (Mod Podge glossy) to protect the paper underneath and hold up to dust, dirt, and stains that may occur over the years.

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