Decorative Math-Themed Switch Plates

Spruce up those walls and give your room or office some personality and flare!  I have made some really cool decorative switch plates so far that are sure to add some pizazz to your home decor!  They are really easy to install: just unscrew your old ones and screw in these, and tah-dah, you have new switch plates!  I have made several different collections of switch plates.  Here is my Mathematics-themed collection:


Please click on each image to enlarged and to see more angles and on different colored walls for ideas.

The double switch plate features the numbers 1 and 8 with a graph, showing wavelength and amplitude. The single switch plate features the number 3 with a mathematical hypothesis. The number 4 single switch plate features some trigonometry graphs: sin, cos, and tan. The double switch plate featuring numbers 5 and 6 showcases geometry.

These would go very well into any kid’s room, office, or school classroom.  The set would make a great gift to an outstanding math teacher or professor, too!  See these switch plates, as well as tons more, at my Etsy store:

These switch plates are covered by high-quality paper and cardstock and then sealed with Mod Podge glossy sealant, protecting them from dust and dirt.  If someone leaves a dirty fingerprint or two, just wipe ‘em clean with a moistened cloth, no fuss.


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