Découpaging 101

What is découpage? Découpage is an art form that comes from the French word découper, which means to cut up. Simply, découpaging is when you cut up newspaper, images, paper memorabilia  - really anything that you want – and place and glue them down together in a fun, creative, artistic manner. Some common objects to decoupage are keepsake or treasure boxes, tissue boxes, and even furniture, but you can let inspiration take hold and découpage anything that you want!

Artemis Studio's Thread Box

Although the word that we use for it is French, découpaging is believed to have its origins in the mid 1700′s in Italy. The popular craft spread throughout Europe, and both Marie Antoinette and Queen Victoria collected and produced découpage.

Découpaging is a fun and creative, but it is also time consuming because of the many layers of lacquer or sealant required to protect the artwork underneath. Many découpaged items may be gold leafed and embellished as well.

Here is a picture of the thread box that I made. You can click on it to enlarge it to see it in more detail. It is heavily embellished and gold leafed around the edges to give it that elaborate and vintage feel. It is sealed with several layers of a great sealant, Mod Podge, so that you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth if needed. This is the perfect box to store your spools of thread, needles, thimbles, other sewing supplies, or smaller projects. Check out the photo gallery for more pictures, here.

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