Matting a Photo: Colors

Have great photos from a vacation or birthday or other special occasion? Photos are great memories, and they deserve frames, or mats. Matting a picture pulls not only makes it a visual focus, but different colored mats help pull out different elements of the photo. This is a great way to bring your pictures to life in your scrapbook.

There are several ways to mat your photo. It all depends on which part of the photo you want to be most prominent. Here are three mats that bring out different things in this picture of a little girl – green, orange, and blue. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

Basically, matting is all about telling a story. The green mat highlights the finishing of the sweater. Maybe you made that sweater for your little girl and you had trouble with the ends and after many attempts, you finally got it right. The orange highlights the flower behind the little girl. Maybe you two planted that flower together. The blue mat highlights the color of the sweater and the little girl’s eyes. Maybe blue is her favorite color and she had to have a blue sweater for her birthday.

You could also use a pink mat to bring out the cute flowers on her sweater. The great thing about matting your photo is that you can be as creative as you like and bring out the parts of the photo that mean the most to you.

Double Matting
You can double mat your pictures as well. Basically, a double mat is a mat behind a mat behind a photo. You can
combine any of the above colors and make a double mat. Here’s an example of what one of the color combinations could look like.

Here the green and the blue mats help the green and the blue in the photo POP! To add a touch of flair, you could swap one or both of the mats out for one of the same color, but with a pattern. A flower pattern would be especially cute with this photo because of the flower pattern on the little girl’s sweater.

When you are looking to mat your photos, remember these simple steps:
- Look at your photo. What is the important memory in it?
- The idea is to highlight that memory by making it a focal point (the blue sweater, the green finishing, or the orange flower, for example).
- There is no right or wrong way to mat a photo. You have endless options. It can be as simple or elaborate, as big or as small, or as serious or fun as you would like.

(I do not own this image. It was taken from google images to demonstrate matting possibilities)

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