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Simple plain text resume

Brian E. Williams
Apply my unique combination of comprehensive technical background, excellent
communication skills, and strong leadership abilities to enhance both internal
and customer-facing activities in a world-class technology company.
Sr. Application Developer    The Archer Group     5/08 - Present
Java Development
 Designed, developed, and unit-tested J2EE web application with EJB3 persistence entities for Gore to market charity information, give user quizzes, and display user invite network
 Architected and developed auto insurance application using J2EE, EJB3, and the ZK Toolkit
 Created continuous integration build configurations using Ant, JUnit, and JMock
PHP Development
 Designed, developed, and maintained multiple branded PHP application micro-sites for Wawa, including,,, and
 Customized SocialEngine PHP framework for uploading and voting on songs and videos for
 Designed, developed, and mitigated security threats for two Facebook applications for Chase using PHP, Zend, and Propel
C# Development
 Created and developed a doctor location form and map tool using C# web forms, SQL Server, US zip code data, the Google Maps API, and the MapQuest API
 Managed transition of control and maintained classic ASP site for
 Designed, developed, and unit-tested United Mileage Plus Chase card selector micro-site with United Mileage Plus customer login using ASP.NET C# and SQL Server (
 Designed, developed, and optimized data migration of 26 million record data input for United Mileage Plus using SSIS for SQL Server
 Developed T-SQL procedures for manipulating and retrieving data
 Created continuous integration processes and maintained continuous integration build configurations for multiple C# projects using Nant, and Nunit
Leadership and Management
 Communicated directly with client stakeholders and tech teams for requirements gathering, development integration, quality assurance, penetration testing, and ongoing maintenance of projects
 Created detailed Software Requirements Specification documents for multiple projects
 Maintained development environments and version control repositories for many projects across multiple operating systems and languages
 Led teams of developers on Facebook applications, Wawa sites, and Chase sites
 Mentored junior developers and interns throughout various projects
Software Developer    Solstice Software
 12/06 - 4/08
Test Automation & Simulate
 Used Scrum Agile Methodologies in a team environment to develop and maintain a suite of SOA integration tools
 Designed and implemented a J2EE enterprise server application using EJB3 persistence technologies running in a JBoss application server
 Created JUnit tests for persistence delegate layer and internal server functionality with JMock objects
 Refactored C# GUI client to use the new persistence delegate layer of the server component
 Designed and developed a stand-alone application for converting data from old application model to new persistence model
 Designed and developed a GUI-based Java object creator for testing remote EJB session beans
 Designed and developed a SOAP message creator for testing web services
 Coordinated with QA group to track and fix software defects using VersionOne and Bugzilla
 Maintained a simulation tool that sent and received messages based on comparisons across several messaging protocols
Software Developer    Quantum Leap Innovations     01/02 - 11/06
Autonet Express Development Environment
 Developed algorithms for sampling Bayesian belief networks and generating data
 Developed graphical displays for a Bayesian Belief Network Editor written on the Eclipse RCP
 Tracked and fixed bugs related to RCP plug-ins using Bugzilla
 Supervised intern developers performing development and defect fixes
Agent-Based Weather Tool
 Developed a data collection and management tool for acquiring weather data in an agent-based architecture using Jade
 Studied research material on agent technologies and data integration
Real-Time Planning Demonstrator
 Developed GUI framework on top of a real-time planning research project
 Demonstration showed trucks being routed through a network, their current plan and alternate plans
Integrated Biological Chemical Warfare Defense Platform
 Developed a collaborative desktop management system
 Experience with team and independent coding practices while creating and refining unique GUI interfaces towards patented collaborative technology
 Work included JDBC database connectivity to MySQL, JUnit testing, RMI and data manipulation
Scheduling and Planning Framework
 Developed scheduling models from web site data for Quantum Leap's scheduling application
 Collected data from multiple web sites and converted into a proprietary scheduling language for optimization.
 Developed GUI reports for scheduling solutions
Quantum Leap Build System
 Designed and developed an integrated, distributed build system for researchers and production developers
 Work involved using Perl to integrate CVS, Damage Control, CVS Monitor, Mailman and a project build web site
 Integration work required knowledge of Perl, Maven, Jelly, Eclipse Plugins, PHP, Ruby, CVS, XML, YAML and the Linux mail system
 Object-Oriented Design
 Design Patterns
 Unit Testing
 Continuous Integration
 Agile Methods
 Penetration Testing
 Client-Server Architecture
 Service-Oriented Architecture
 Web Development

Programming Languages:
 Java (8 yrs)
 PHP (4 yrs)
 C# (4 yrs)
 SQL (8 yrs)
 XML (8 yrs)
 Perl (4 yrs)
 HTML/CSS (8 yrs)
 JavaScript (2 yrs)
Java Technologies:
 JDK1.5 (4 yrs)
 JDK1.4 (4 yrs)
 SOA (2 yrs)
 SOAP (4 yrs)
 WSDL (4 yrs)
 J2EE (4 yrs)
 EJB3 (3 yrs)
 ZK (6 mos)
 JBoss (4 yrs)
 Swing (4 yrs)
 JUnit (4 yrs)
 JMock (4 yrs)
 JDBC (6 yrs)
 Ant (5 yrs)
 Tomcat (6 yrs)
 Maven (2 yrs)
 RCP (6 mos)
 SWT (2 yrs)
 RMI (2 yrs)
PHP Technologies:
 Zend Framework (2 yrs)
 Zend MVC (1 yr)
 Facebook API (1 yr)
 Propel (1 yr)
 SocialEngine (6 mos)
 WordPress (4 yrs)
C# Technologies:
 ASP.NET (2 yrs)
 3.5 Web Forms (2 yrs)
 T-SQL (1 yr)
 ASP.NET AJAX (2 yrs)
 SSIS (6 mos)
 Web Services (6 mos)
 NAnt (6 mos)
 NUnit (6 mos)
Operating Systems:
 Windows 2000/XP
 Linux (Redhat, Debian)
 Visual Studio 2005/2008 (4 yrs)
 SQL Server Management Studio 2005/2008 (4 yrs)
 IDEA (2 yrs)
 Netbeans (4 yrs)
 VersionOne (2 yrs)
 Eclipse (4 yrs)
 TeamCity (3 yrs)
 Bugzilla (5 yrs)
 MySQL (8 yrs)
 Subversion (6 yrs)a
 VisualSVN (1 yr)
 JBoss (3 yrs)
 JNBridge (2 yrs)
 CVS (4 yrs)
 Scrumworks (1 yr)
 MS Office (6 yrs)
 Apache Tomcat (6 yrs)
University of Delaware    Bachelor of Science
January 2002    Computer and Information Sciences
Languages (Programming) - Self-teaching Erlang
Hockey - Captain of adult recreational hockey team
Languages (Spoken) - Learning French

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