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In my spare time <insert hysterical laughter> I’ve been teaching myself Erlang. I started this project and chose Erlang for a number of reasons. I wanted to teach myself a new programming language, because I love learning new stuff. But I also wanted to learn a language that’s very different from my day-job languages of Java, C# and PHP. After a couple of weeks adjusting to it, I really started to enjoy LISP in my A.I. class and wanted to get back into the Functional way of programming. After reading some introductory material on Erlang, Clojure, Scala, Haskel and a few others I settled on Erlang. I mostly gravitated toward it because of its interesting multi-threading support and soft-fail error handling. They looked like a lot of fun to work with. I never did any multi-threading coding in college, and only basic stuff professionally, so I can’t wait to really dig into that.

Check the Erlang category of posts for more.

Converting my original solution to this assignment is my first non-trivial project in Erlang.

Currently I’m still up in the air about what to do after the train yard. I want to do some kind of client-server concurrent system, and I’d like to do a game of some kind. I may write a basic MUD system, or maybe recreate some simple games from my youth in some kind of distributed way. Here, in no particular order are some things I might do:

  • sudoku solver
  • tic-tac-toe solver
  • Mud
  • Mud Client
  • chatroom client
  • turn-based 4x
  • turn-based board game
  • starbase jeff
  • regular deck card game(s)
  • ff1 rpg (based on returners math?)
  • mvc web framework (bake a cake?)
  • paper & pencil rpg helper
  • map/maze generator
  • atari/board game Survival
  • middleman paper & pencil game

Now taking suggestions, too.

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