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4 December, 2009 (15:37) | Family, Hockey, Lynn, WordPress | By: Brian

You may have noticed some changes on the other Blogs that I help admin. My mom, my sister and Lynn have all changed their themes around and have done some customizing. I’ve also created and started working on a blog-based site for my co-ed rec hockey team, the Bellevue Bearcats. The GM and I are [...]

Added Sport Schedules

23 November, 2009 (17:43) | Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, WordPress | By: Brian

My current rec sport schedules can now be found at The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth ยป Sports. Cool, huh?

All Work and All Play Make Briley Very Tired

17 October, 2006 (09:07) | Hockey, LauraJoy, Life In General, WordPress | By: Brian

Another month, another blog post. Sorry to keep “my public” waiting. Mostly I’ve been up to the same old stuff. I’ve been visiting my sister and mother a lot. They’re going through some rough times right now, so it’s my pleasure to help out where I can. Check out their blogs for more pics and [...]

Some Site Updates

23 January, 2006 (12:13) | Life In General, WoW, WordPress | By: Brian

So, I found a gallery plugin that kinda works, but isn’t generating thumbnails of my pictures properly. You can see my test page here. What’s up with that? Also, I’m almost done with the blog I created for my WoW guild, ShadowForge. Pretty neat eh? I’ll probably be adding some calendar events and maybe a [...]

Progress Quest Reader 1.0

19 January, 2006 (11:24) | WordPress | By: Brian

I just created my first plugin for WordPress! It is the lovely Progress Quest character reader see you up top, there. I’ll package the code up later and release the plugin for the world to see. Very simple really, just install the plugin file, activate and then print the info wherever you like in your [...]