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Today’s Awesome Thing of the Day

8 October, 2010 (08:44) | Uncategorized | By: Brian

All sizes | Imperial Minigolf Final Exam | Flickr – Photo Sharing!. Also, I recently discovered “My Brother, My Brother and Me,” a humor and advice podcast for the modern era. I generally have been listening to two comedy podcasts: “Jordan! Jesse! Go!” and “Stop Podcasting Yourself.” MBMBAM, as the cool babies call it, has [...]

The next Youtube sensation!

6 October, 2010 (21:41) | Uncategorized | By: Brian

Is my kitten Charlotte playing with a ping pong ball in the tub: Also this guy put together playlists of complete episodes of the Muppet Show and Muppets Tonight. Warning, you may lose several days of your life watching these. I miss Joel Grey!

Some Updates

5 October, 2010 (08:09) | Erlang, Family, Gaming, Life In General, Lynn, Tech, Uncategorized, Work | By: Brian

Things are super busy around here. Hopefully I can post more regularly again when they calm down. But the short list: Moved to Virginia with Lynn Attempting to sell the Condo in DE Got a software engineering job with Carr Astronautics Proposed to Lynn at Great Falls National Park in NoVA Started planning the wedding [...]

Zulu Passes OpEval (at last . . .)

5 October, 2010 (07:59) | Uncategorized | By: Brian

Speaking of attack helicopters, and, really, when aren’t we speaking of attack helicopters? Zulu Passes OpEval (at last . . .) | Defense Tech. My brother-in-law is in the Marine Corps and gets to work on the JSF daily. I’d be happy to get a ride in either one, really.

Some cool videos

9 April, 2010 (09:26) | Uncategorized | By: Brian

From the internet comes this amazing video of 8-bit video games invading New York: “PIXELS”, by Patrick Jean. And also check out this music video version with a very different feel: And for something truly bizarre, check out this YouTube channel of commentated Starcraft 2 matches in HD. Yes, people are so dedicated to this [...]

Code Syntax Highlight Test

7 April, 2010 (23:44) | Uncategorized | By: Brian

This is just a quick test of a code syntax highlight plug-in that I’m testing out. Here are some of the terribly-written beginner programs I wrote in erlang as answers to an old programming homework. After looking back over them, I can think of much better ways of writing these samples using some of the [...]

F-35 Test Aircraft retired to live-fire testing

4 January, 2010 (10:00) | Uncategorized | By: Brian

I hope that this doesn’t mean it will be blown to smithereens. It would be incredible to see this in a museum. PAX River’s Naval Air Museum has a couple of design and test aircraft for this program and they’re awesome. I hear PAX River just got a second real F-35 to work with, too.