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Category: Lisa

Happy Mommy's Day

13 May, 2007 (16:08) | Hockey, Life In General, Lisa | By: Brian

I am at the house of my two favorite mothers today to keep them company and give them love. Both my dear mother and my awesome sister, who is a mother of two, conveniently live together so I can visit them. Happy Mother’s Day to both of you, whom I love very much. In hockey [...]

Almost to a Break

24 April, 2007 (15:20) | Baseball, Family, Gaming, Hockey, Life In General, Lisa | By: Brian

I’ve got one night left in my 10 days of hockey. Unfortunately, it will probably be the toughest one. Tonight is week 3 of my 8 week hockey class, and weeks 3-5 are usually the most physically demanding and exhausting as we get into harder stuff and up the pace a bit. The tournament went [...]

A Fantasy Baseball Haiku

11 April, 2007 (16:34) | Baseball, Hockey, Life In General, Lisa | By: Brian

This one’s mostly for Dan and the Fantasy 411 guys: First place after one A-Rod ruined my closer U.D. Jew Hens rock! Ok, that’s pretty terrible, but what do you expect while I’m driving into work at quarter after 8 in the morning? Sheesh! At any rate, I had a wonderful weekend with friends and [...]