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Category: Grammar

Open Sarcasm Manifesto ¡

29 April, 2010 (10:49) | Grammar | By: Brian

Open Sarcasm Manifesto ¡ Free Sarcasm Punctuation ¡ Open-Source Punctuation for Sarcasm ¡ Temherte Slaqî. I have long felt the need for a sarcasm indicator of some kind for text communication. Today I discovered that other people have not only suffered this problem, but have also researched and discovered a solution. Apparently there is historical [...]

A 25 Things Thing

31 January, 2009 (00:08) | Family, Gaming, Grammar, Hockey, Life In General, Lynn, Volleyball | By: Brian

This silly game has been running rampant on Facebook. I know there are a couple of people reading this who aren’t on Facebook, so I thought I’d copy it over. Do NOT feel obligated to copy this and do your own thing. I hate chain letter/forward games and try not to pass them on. 1. [...]

Playoffs?! Don't talk to me about playoffs!

26 February, 2008 (18:57) | Grammar, Hockey | By: Brian

Playoffs have begun for my Pond team. We won our first game against our bitter rivals, the Drunken Clams. It was a very close game for almost all of it, but we got a few safety goals at the end to win 5-1. I assisted on the first two and had a pretty solid game [...]

My Secret Admirer

20 February, 2008 (00:44) | Baseball, Grammar, Life In General, Soccer | By: Brian

While I was on the ice tonight (big win! I helped! woo!), someone who loves me left a note on my windshield. It reads, *ahem* “Brian, U R the keeper of my <3. I luv 4 U 2 catch my ballz. <3, Secret Admirer" Well now. From this we can only draw one conclusion, I [...]

Two Great Comics Today

4 February, 2008 (23:12) | Baseball, Gaming, Grammar, Hockey, Life In General, Music, Work | By: Brian

Two of my most favorite web comics updated today with strips that struck very personal chords. The first is from XKCD, the stick-figure web comic about romance, sarcasm, math and language. All things that I have an interest in. The archive is full of fantastic math and language nerd humor. I’ve dated a couple women [...]