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Category: Erlang

Some Updates

5 October, 2010 (08:09) | Erlang, Family, Gaming, Life In General, Lynn, Tech, Uncategorized, Work | By: Brian

Things are super busy around here. Hopefully I can post more regularly again when they calm down. But the short list: Moved to Virginia with Lynn Attempting to sell the Condo in DE Got a software engineering job with Carr Astronautics Proposed to Lynn at Great Falls National Park in NoVA Started planning the wedding [...]

Iterative Deepening Finished

11 May, 2010 (19:43) | Erlang | By: Brian

I’ve completed the iterative deepening blind search algorithm and it works pretty well. The final solution is here: And some sample runs. For research and testing purposes I found a simple function online that runs a call a specified number of times, measures how long those runs take and then produces some useful stats. Here [...]

A Quick A.I. Overview

4 May, 2010 (21:20) | Erlang | By: Brian

For my Erlang exercises, I had to review a couple of software algorithms for searching. I did a quick brush-up on the concepts so that I could understand the old code I wrote, and translate it into the new code. So a couple of quick definitions. Depth-First Search: DFS is the search algorithm I mentioned [...]

Trainyard problems 2 and 3

29 April, 2010 (22:30) | Erlang | By: Brian

After getting the problem structure worked out, I started working on Problem 2, applying a move to a state and getting a new state. This required a couple of helper functions that came over from the lisp code. These two small functions take two track listings and perform the appropriate move. They return a pair [...]

Train Yard Data in Records

29 April, 2010 (20:57) | Erlang | By: Brian

I wanted to start on the second problem in the train yard assignment in Erlang. But I realized that my data structure for a yard was pretty cumbersome. I wanted to mess with the Record structure system, so I created a header file with the record and test data definitions. The Record system is definitely [...]

Lisp Practice Updates

21 April, 2010 (16:56) | Erlang | By: Brian

After reading some more documentation and tinkering, I’ve updated the three practice functions I wrote in Erlang a little while ago. Here they are: In addition, I wrote a simple unit test method that calls each method with a bunch of different inputs and tries to match the output with an expected true or false. [...]

Getting Started in the Train Yard

8 April, 2010 (20:48) | Erlang | By: Brian

I’ve started working on my Erlang implementation of the trainyard assignment from my AI CISC class at UD. First I had to decide on a data structure for the problems. They currently look like this: I’m still trying to figure out what standard data structures look like in Erlang, but this is what I have [...]

Learning Some Stuff

7 April, 2010 (23:20) | Erlang, Work | By: Brian

Lately I’ve been thinking about my career and where I want to take it. Eventually I want to be leading teams instead of working for one, and I want to get back to more science and research stuff. Toward those ends I’ve been educating myself in a few ways and changing how I approach my [...]