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Updated My Sports Schedules

9 December, 2009 (12:46) | Lynn, Preston, Volleyball | By: Brian

I finally have converted this season’s volleyball schedule over to a Google Document and have added it to my Sports schedule page:

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My volleyball team played its first match of the season on Friday. We lost all three games, but they were to a pretty solid team and we are still shaking some rust off and teaching new players.

In other news, Lynn and I spent the weekend cleaning up the place in preparation for a few house-changing events. First, she’s going to be moving in over the rest of this month. Second, we’re getting a second kitten as a Christmas present for our first kitten, Preston. The cleaning is going well, but there are still two more rooms to tackle. A lot of my old junk has been tossed or donated to Goodwill, with some more to go. Soon everything will be much cleaner and more organized so there are places for her things. The custom desk we’ve been building in my spare room is almost done, but we discovered after getting all the pieces together that it’s about two inches or so higher than the average desk, which is fine for me, but makes it unusable for Lynn. We’re probably going to need to find her a custom chair or chair + cushion to get her to a comfortable height.

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