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4 December, 2009 (15:37) | Family, Hockey, Lynn, WordPress | By: Brian

You may have noticed some changes on the other Blogs that I help admin. My mom, my sister and Lynn have all changed their themes around and have done some customizing. I’ve also created and started working on a blog-based site for my co-ed rec hockey team, the Bellevue Bearcats. The GM and I are currently working on getting the data for various pages up, then doing some photo work.


Comment from Lynn
Time December 8, 2009 at 3:13 pm

Dear boyfriend,
Thank you for the new, updated blog. I love mine a lot. Maybe even a little too much. I am posting a whole lot during finals week, which may actually be beneficially since my posts are along similar lines. Anyway, please do move my blog and account over whenever you have a chance so that my comments on your blog can be linked to my actually account and your comments on my blog can be linked to your account.
Also, this forward scheduling ability is the best. I am warning you – the next several days are going to be large, but very, very interesting academic posts. I think that you will like them. They may also up my Arab-Israeli Conflict and UN counters.
Oh, and with all of your free time and all, could you make my categories collapsable?

Please, thank you, and love.

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