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Date: November 19th, 2009

In Which the pile does not reduce in size

19 November, 2009 (17:03) | Gaming | By: Brian

Recently I finished a Japanese role-playing game for the DS called “The World Ends With You.” It was very interesting and quirky. I highly enjoined the game’s battle system which was fast-paced and used the stylus well. The story convoluted and bizarre, but got better toward the end. The collecting/upgrading/pokemon aspect of it was well [...]

In Which another site is launched

19 November, 2009 (09:58) | Life In General, Work | By: Brian

We just launched another contest site, the third in about as many weeks: Sign up for a chance to get tickets to the Winter Classic, an outdoor NHL game played in Boston. I didn’t do any actual coding, but I did some project planning and management for it. We’re currently running a contest for [...]