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In Which Men Get Things Done

25 March, 2009 (09:55) | Life In General | By: Brian

I’d just like to state for the record that my roommate is awesome because we can talk like this:

Me: Can we have a quick conversation about us not leaving dishes on the coffee table anymore?

Roommate: Ok.

Me: Let’s not do that anymore.

Roommate: Ok.

Me: Cool. Man, that was a quick conversation.

Roommate: That’s what happens when men have conversations.

So that’s why things have worked out pretty well between us so far. In other news, work is swamping me before I go on vacation, which is expected. Lynn and I had an awesome anniversary weekend for our one year. I got a bit of fix-it stuff done around the house and started working on the model railroad board in the garage. I got some packing done last night for vacation, but not a lot. I got Puzzle Quest for the DS back from a friend who borrowed it and I have incredibly re-addicted myself to it. Just. One. More. Fight…Yeah.

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