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In Which It Rains As Well As Pours

18 March, 2009 (15:23) | Hockey, Life In General, Lynn | By: Brian

The Bearcats season came to an end Monday night. We fought hard but walked away with a 4-3 loss. It was tough, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I’m looking forward to the break for a few weeks before spring starts. After the game, Lynn and I watched the first episode of Castle on and that was very entertaining. The second episode aired this week, so Lynn and I will have to watch that together at our next opportunity. I’m also, finally, caught up on Lost.

Monday night after getting home, I started to feel an itch in my throat and it got worse as the night wore on. I went in to work yesterday, because I figured I could deal with a sore throat, but it got worse throughout the day, and by the end of of work I was foggy in the head and very stuffy. I came home, took some medicine and I laid down for a nap. While I was sleeping, I woke up to a commotion in my closet, but I was too sick and tired to care at the time and fell back asleep.  Once I woke up to use the bathroom I discovered that one of the rods holding most of my clothes in the closet had collapsed and dumped my shirts on the floor. The metal telescoping rod pieces themselves are fine, just the plastic braces holding them up split apart and broke. So I’ll be off to the Home Depot for that soon.

I stayed home from work today to rest and relax. I’m feeling better now. My nose seems to have run itself out and my throat is much better. My stomach will still rumble for a week or two like it always does from the drip, but I should be mostly functional by tomorrow and back to work. I got some chores done today and got my clothes off the floor and onto other rods in the closet, too.

Tonight I’ll be paying a short visit to Blair, Nena and their little Brennan to wish him a happy birthday and then relaxing with Lynn and maybe a movie or some gaming.  Tomorrow Lynn and I will be having dinner with my brother and I will probably drop off birthday presents for him and his wife, just in case we don’t see them before our vacation.

Speaking of vacation, the Garmin GPS arrived yesterday as well. I’ve put in all the stops we have planned for our vacation and can’t wait to use it there. I replaced the broken fuse for my front cigarette lighter so I can now use that one for the GPS and the spare for my iPod charger/player. Remind me to pick up a 15 amp fuse and put it in the spare’s spot under the hood. Now I just need an SD memory card for transferring photos and new maps to it.

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