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Month: March, 2009

In Which Men Get Things Done

25 March, 2009 (09:55) | Life In General | By: Brian

I’d just like to state for the record that my roommate is awesome because we can talk like this: Me: Can we have a quick conversation about us not leaving dishes on the coffee table anymore? Roommate: Ok. Me: Let’s not do that anymore. Roommate: Ok. Me: Cool. Man, that was a quick conversation. Roommate: [...]

In Which It Rains As Well As Pours

18 March, 2009 (15:23) | Hockey, Life In General, Lynn | By: Brian

The Bearcats season came to an end Monday night. We fought hard but walked away with a 4-3 loss. It was tough, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I’m looking forward to the break for a few weeks before spring starts. After the game, Lynn and I watched the first episode of Castle on [...]

In Which Gaming A.D.D. Sets In

16 March, 2009 (12:14) | Life In General | By: Brian

It’s been a couple of months since my last gaming turnover, so I was about due for another one. Out with the old: Pardus – A really deep and interesting turn-based browser game. You can play it in small chunks of time, but because of the action point system, you really can ONLY play it [...]

In Which Plans Are Made!

10 March, 2009 (23:32) | Hockey, Life In General, Lynn, Music, Volleyball | By: Brian

It is official. I have booked a spring break trip for Lynn and me! You can get an idea of our travels on this map. The general plan: Fly to Las Vegas. Enjoy a night on the town Drive to the Hoover Dam and then to Williams, AZ for a few nights Take a scenic [...]