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Valentine's Weekend

16 February, 2009 (00:52) | Hockey, Life In General, Lynn, Volleyball, Woozels | By: Brian

It’s been a good couple of weeks since I last posted. I got my Lynn back safe and sound from Tunisia. She had an amazing time, though she was sick for a lot of it, sadly. We spent a few days together and then I helped move her into her new dorm at UD. She’s got a nice single in the North Central area of campus. She wanted to move there so that she’d be close to classes and have a quiet place to study and sleep without worrying about roommates. It’s a good sized-room and she likes it a lot. It also happens to be in the same building as my violin instructor, which is quite convenient. She came to see an awesome volleyball match, that we won all three games of, and I was pretty awesome in.

This week was another good week for sports. My hockey team won its game Tuesday night 5-3, and I got assists on the 4th and 5th goal, and I made a lot of good defensive plays.  We also won another volleyball match 2 games to 1 on Thursday. The last game went into overtime and was scary, but we managed to take it.

Friday night started the Valentine’s Weekend extravaganza. Lynn and Mike and I went down to UofD to watch some friends of ours play hockey for the women’s club team there. We had a great time watching them play and laughing and carrying on. Afterward we went to Timothy’s and had some food and beer with the girls. Saturday we opened presents from each other. Lynn gave me a couple of things she brought back from Tunisia that are pretty cool. One was a bottle of win from Carthage that we drank that evening and it was fantastic. The other is a neat decorative plate with two camels and my name in Arabic that I hung in my bedroom. It’s pretty spiffy. After that we started basically a 6 hour double date with my roommate and his girl. We saw Taken up at the Brandywine theater, which was a terrific movie. Liam Neesan is incredible, as always. Made me want to watch Rob Roy again.  After Taken we went to the Hibachi near the theater and had a great steak and chicken and seafood meal there. We had to wait about 45 minutes to get seated, but we entertained ourselves playing a silly word game. Unfortunately by the time we got home something I had didn’t agree with me and I was feeling well, so we just lied down and watched some DVDs to relax after dinner.

And then today got a little crazy. Lynn is interested in getting a cat to keep her company while she’s studying, so we wanted to go over to the SPCA nearby and look at their animals. Mike came along for the the ride and the fun. Sadly when we got there I realized that I had read the hours wrong and found them closed. So, instead, we went around the corner to the Petco on Kirkwood to look at dogs and cats there. When we entered the place, I naturally gravitated toward the ferret cage, as I am prone to do. Normally I find them all sleeping there, but this time there were about 8 or 9 kits all playing and roughhousing and having a time. I also noticed that they were on sale! On sale! I am too like my mother to resist a good sale, so we took a couple out and played with a few and observed for a while. Mike said that he’d always wanted a ferret, but had never had one. I felt that I had given Paxton a respectful amount of time to be successed. And I still had the large cage and feed and toys and whatnot going to waste. Then Mike offered to split the cost of getting two, because you really should get them in pairs, and then I couldn’t say no. We picked out two girls. Zoe is very sweet and gentle, a dark brown, almost black. The other, River, a slightly larger girl with very light, whitish fur, almost albino, but really more of a cream, is a bit more bouncy and squirmy and playful. Yes, their names are from the TV show Firefly, which Lynn and I watched a lot of this weekend, we only have 3 more episodes to go, I think. Both of the woozels seem to be adjusting to their new home and new owners well and are just the cutest little girls ever. I’ve pulled out my ferret owners books to refresh my knowledge and will pick up a couple of things at the pet store when I’m next out.

Here’s Lynn playing with the girls on the floor while I was preparing the cage for them.

Zoe and River on the Floor

And here they are in their new home!
Zoe and River in Their Cage

It’s nice to have woozels again! I’m such a proud Papa!

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