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A 25 Things Thing

31 January, 2009 (00:08) | Family, Gaming, Grammar, Hockey, Life In General, Lynn, Volleyball | By: Brian

This silly game has been running rampant on Facebook. I know there are a couple of people reading this who aren’t on Facebook, so I thought I’d copy it over. Do NOT feel obligated to copy this and do your own thing. I hate chain letter/forward games and try not to pass them on.

1. I hate any sort of forward or chain letter that isn’t ridiculously funny.
2. I love playing sports, musical instruments and video games even though I’m clumsy, uncoordinated, and have bad hand-eye.
3. Not only am I a grammar Nazi, but I read books about good grammar, and am friends with Bill Walsh, an author of said books, on Twitter.
4. The only Horror movie I’ve ever liked is Alien. All others make me laugh or bore me to tears. Do not watch horror movies with me if you take them seriously.
5. I live by Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Basically, if you assume that every time somebody does something you don’t like that it’s because they’re an idiot and not that they’re being deliberately mean, you will be happier, calmer and frequently correct.
6. I am in love with a Republican. Deal with it.
7. I owned a ferret named Paxton for several years, but he died last summer. I will probably own more in the future.
8. Almost every song on Harry Chapin’s “Greatest Stories Live” album will make me bawl if I sing along.
9. I can’t carry a tune in a handbasket, but that doesn’t stop me from trying…poorly…loudly..

.frequently. I wish I could.
10. Watching how my mom and my sister act toward each other has brought me to tears several times.
11. I can’t really pick a favorite song or band. But my favorite song to play on guitar is “Brian Wilson” by the Barenaked Ladies. It’s complex enough to be interesting, but not incredibly difficult, and you can seriously rock out and go nuts at the end.
12. The only reason I’m doing this list is because I opened a beer after a late hockey game and I’ve got to do something while I drink it.
13. I have hobby ADD. Currently into hockey, volleyball, broomball, foosball, ping pong, poker, guitar, violin, a web browser game called Pardus, model trains and learning French and Arabic.
14. I love maps of any kind and can spend hours looking at books of maps, atlases, street maps, google maps, globes or anything similar.
15. Until 2005 I had never left Eastern Standard Time, even though I had been out of the country 3 times. I’ve still never been to Canada, even though I love hockey. I would go back to Scotland in a heartbeat. If only they needed Java developers and I could get any money for this house…
16. I follow professional sports teams from three different cities because of various reasons.
17. I want to get a Master’s in Computer Science eventually.
18. I have a birthday tradition of getting a half dozen of my best friends together for literal boat loads of sushi at my favorite place and then watching some terrible movie.
19. I am constantly impressed by how technically savvy my almost 60 year old mother is.
20. I’m lazy about doing housework by myself or on my own impetus. But I don’t mind doing it with someone else or being asked nicely to do stuff. I’m pretty much the same way with cooking.
21. I like taking direction, criticism or coaching from someone as long as it’s explained well. I always play a support type in online or multi-player games. I prefer to work from example than create something new myself.
22. I love to cuddle. I think everyone knows that.
23. I want to start a podcast, but I have no idea what I could talk about that anyone would actually listen to.
24. My car’s name is Nikki after Nikki Sixx, because she is a Mazda 6. Never mind that Nikki Sixx is a guy, that’s not relevant. My previous cars were Alita and Elly.
25. I love the Ladder Theory web site, and it has never failed me. I am scared to death of marriage because of it, my parents and because I’ve seen how much people can change in just a few years. I am a cranky old curmudgeonly coot.

So there you go, some fun facts about me. Last night I had a tiring hockey game, but played well. Tonight I played volleyball. I was kinda ‘meh’ for the first game I played. Then I sat out for the second one, and then I kicked butt in the third and had some great hits. Not sure what it is, but I seem to be picking up this game pretty quickly and holding my own well. I’m not amazing yet, by any stretch, but I’m not pulling the team down, either. We should have practices every Tuesday in February, which will be great.

Lynn should be out of the Sahara soon, if not already. And she’s coming back to me on Thursday. I’ve asked for Friday off from work so we can spend the day together. And then I’ll help her move in to the dorms for spring semester on Saturday or Sunday.

I’ve been looking a bit more into vacation stuff. I’m really considering the Grand Canyon. Apparently flights in and out of Vegas are getting cheaper, as there’s less tourists. And I’ve heard the Phoenix and Flagstaff are cool towns with neat sights and geologic stuff to see, too. There’s a lot of different activities and places to look at and plan around, so I may find a local travel agent and see what I can get. I also think I’ll pick up some kind of walkable GPS like my Mom has, so we can carry that around with us while we go hiking or something.


Comment from lynng
Time February 1, 2009 at 7:35 am

you know me
Anywhere warm is good! Im so cold right now!!! This past month has been like camping : freezing and raining, no heat or hot water, and you have to bring your own toilet paper with you at all times! But the horse back riding has been maybe the best highlight of the trip!

Four more days !!!
Can you wait? I know I can’t!!
Any last requests from Tunisia?

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