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What to do for break?

27 January, 2009 (00:49) | Hockey, Life In General, Lynn, Volleyball | By: Brian

I checked the UofD scheduled today and it appears that I will survive to see 30 after all, I didn’t accidentally schedule a hockey game for one of the weekends in Lynn’s spring break. So the last week of March, her and I will probably fly somewhere for some relaxation away from school and whatever interesting activities we can find. Lynn and I aren’t really the kind of people that would go on a vacation together and just lie down by the pool or beach for days on end. So we’ve been throwing some places/ideas around that involve some combination of rock climbing, snorkeling, swimming with sharks, hang gliding, horseback riding, white water rafting, canoeing, and such. I think, personally, I’m most interested in the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been and would love to see it, do some of the above mentioned activities there and maybe take a helicopter ride over it. I’m not really sure how to plan a good Grand Canyon adventure, so I’ll have to look at it some more and maybe find some packages. There are some cool Caribbean islands that might have some of those things, too. I’ve never climbed a real outdoor rock face, and would love to learn. And I love anything to do with warm water and swimming. So, there are plenty of options.

Tonight I played poker with the guys and girls and won $22. Not bad at all for a few hours work. Thanks to all who played, and contributed toward my lunch money this week. Coming up I have volleyball practice tomorrow, Bearcats hockey on Thursday and a volleyball game on Friday. No weekend plans have been nailed down just yet.

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