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24 January, 2009 (11:48) | Family, Hockey, Life In General, Lynn, Mike, Volleyball | By: Brian

Just a couple of quick notes about what I plan to be up to.

  • Hockey Schedule:
  • Volleyball Schedule:
  • This Weekend: Home cooked meals with Mom and Paul and watching the NHL All-Star weekend coverage
  • Feb 5th: Lynn comes back to civilization!
  • Feb 7th: Maz’s Bday Party in Philly!
  • Feb 14th: Miles’ 30th Bday Party! And Valentine’s Day!
  • Feb 28: Katie Keeports’ Bday Party!
  • March 14th: The Valentine’s Day for Men! And Pi Day! And Einstein’s Bday!
  • March 15th: Company trip see the Philadelphia Phantoms play!
  • March: Hopefully going somewhere fun with Lynn for her spring break. I’m thinking Grand Canyon or somewhere tropical, assuming I didn’t just stupidly schedule the company trip to the Phantoms during her break. Crap!
  • March: Waaaay too many family and friend birthdays.
  • April 15th: Fleetwood Mac in Philly?!
  • April 24-26: Keg Cup at the Pond Ice Arena! 3-6 games of drunken/hungover hockey in 48 hours. My personal highlight of the yearly calendar.
  • May: More birthdays and Mommy’s Day!
  • June 2-5: Java One Conference in San Francisco for work. I was in SF once before for an old job and it was amazing. I still have my guide book!
  • June 9: Wedding Anniversary of four good friends of mine
  • June 14th: MY BIRTHDAY! AKA Christmas in June! I’ll be 29…again.
  • June 21st: Elisa and Avi’s wedding!
  • July 1: Lynn turns legal to drink! I’m sure she will be most responsible and mature on this historic occasion.

Woot! Seems to be some great partying opportunities coming up! My apologies, again, for the drought in posts. I now return you to a, hopefully, regular posting schedule.

I leave you with this parting song quote of the day from Incubus:

The Warmth:

So don’t let the world bring you down.
Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold.
Remember why you came and while you’re alive
experience the warmth before you grow old.

Edit: Added Elisa’s wedding. Not a snub, it’s just that I’m absent-minded, as she is very well aware!

Edit: Added two holidays. Lynn reminded me of the first in Feb, but not the second in March. Hmmm…


Comment from hearmeroar231
Time January 24, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Do I count on June 9th as one of your “four good friends of mine”?

(Also, apologies if you get this twice. This is my first time on WordPress.)

Comment from Brian
Time January 24, 2009 at 5:11 pm

Yes, there doesn’t seem to be a simple way of saying that “two pairs of couples, all of which individual persons are my friends, both have their separate anniversaries on the same day.” The date of which also happens to be a convenient and amusing euphemism for a sexual act. And, yes, comments are held in moderation until I look a them. I deleted the repeat.

Comment from lynng
Time January 25, 2009 at 3:28 pm

1. I’m proud of you for blogging!
2. You better not have done some stupid scheduling!! ‘Else I’ll spend my Spring break with all of my Tunisian boyfriends. . . and the Senegalian one I met last night!
3. I actually don’t want to go to a bar for my 21st; I want to go grey-caging or skydiving again.
4. I love you!

Comment from Brian
Time January 25, 2009 at 4:35 pm

2. I’ll have to look at the ud schedule when I got back. We wanted to do a sunday because of my coworker’s schedules.
3. Grey-caging?
4. Love you more!

Comment from lynng
Time January 26, 2009 at 4:47 am

[ ]. I agree with Elisa on this one. You *are* absent-minded! Feb 14?! (tear)

2. Well, luckily my spring break is, I believe, a week long. I’d look it up for you, except the UD website, as it’s sooo well put together, is working faaaaabulously, as per usual.

3. Grey caging is when you go into a grey cage, which is lowered into the ocean. Then the crew chums for sharks and you get to be in the ocean with them and touch them and watch them eat. I want to pet some sharks for my 21st! That or go hang-gliding. Or rock-climbing, followed by hang-gliding.

Comment from Brian
Time January 26, 2009 at 11:37 am

Luckily UD Spring Break does NOT interfere with the game on the 15th. I’ll make another post about that soonly.

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