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Summer Bearcat Schedule

10 July, 2008 (16:23) | Gaming, Hockey, Life In General | By: Brian

Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my summer hockey schedule. As I previously posted, our first game was a spectacular win. We hope to follow it up with more. Sorry there’s no weekend games that would be convenient for friends and family, these are some of the worst times I have ever seen in a summer schedule. The Pond isn’t as nice about summer times as UD for some reason.


In other news, the iPod game I grabbed is pretty fun and helping to pass the time on the bus rides. It’s a nasty battery killer, though with all the spiffy graphics and whatnot. The combat is much like FF Tactics Advance, except that the direction you’re facing seems to have no effect on combat and you get automatic damage bonuses when one of your troopers is standing next to the main character. The art and sound is really nice, but the load times are pretty vicious and frustrating for a quick casual game.


Comment from lynng
Time July 30, 2008 at 6:30 am

Congrats on being *still* undefeated!

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