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Finding Time

7 July, 2008 (16:35) | Family, Gaming, Hockey, Life In General, Mobile | By: Brian

Here I am again, sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been pretty busy after work lately and on weekends, and it’s been hard to write. However, I have made a change that will hopefully rectify that a bit.
One of the many things that has changed since my last post is the acquisition of a new job. I’m not a senior application developer for The Archer Group. What this really means is that I’m a back-end coder for a marketing agency that makes really nifty, interactive web sites. We do all of and just launched hoagiefest, which was really fun. I’m currently working on a fun little micro-site for W. L. Gore and will, of course, let you know when it’s out there. The job and company are really cool and I work with some pretty smart, funny people. Plus they have beer in the reception area, how cool is that?
With the surge in gas prices, I decided to take a look at public transportation options and discovered that there is a DART route that goes from my house to work with no transfers. It’s about a 50 minute ride vs. a 20 minute commute, but I can read or play games on my DS and/or listen to my iPod, so it’s not all bad. It does cut into my sleeping and relaxing time, a bit. But I’m saving over half of what I’d be paying in gas. In addition, Lynn had the great idea of blogging while I’m riding along. So, to that end, I created another posting account that will have the complicated writing editor turned off so I can use the simpler editor from my phone. It seems to be working out well so far. Hopefully having an hour and a half of nothing better to do will encourage me to post more often.
So, what else is new? Well, I’ve been testing out two new video games for the PC, Mythos and Saga. Both of which have been pretty fun and interesting. I’ve left some feedback for Mythos on their forums, but am still collecting a list of grievances with Saga. It has a ton of UI issues, but the core game play is pretty interesting. I was also really excited to hear that ChronoTrigger will be coming to the DS in the fall and have had to change my pants several times after hearing that.
I finished up my season of hockey at the Pond. We lost our first and only playoff game, but it was still a fun season playing with some really inexperienced players. Summer season starts tomorrow night for Bearcats C at the Pond. Our schedule for the season is still in a bit of flux, but when it gets narrowed down I’ll create another google spreadsheet for it and post here.
Two weekends ago I went up to Long Island to visit my wonderful girlfriend, Lynn, and meet her family and high school friends. We went to the beach and had a couple of parties and it was a great time. We walked around Manhattan a bit together, too. She’ll be coming this way to visit next weekend and we’re planning to go to a friend’s birthday party Saturday and up to the Philly Zoo on Sunday.
This past weekend I spent mostly geeking out with gamer friends and relaxing. I played a ton of D&D 4th Edition and video games when I was pigging out on grill food and beer and Waffle House at 3am. I played a couple of really awesome party board games called Say Anything and Cluzzle. The first is a bit like apples to apples, except one person reads a question from a card and the other players create and write down answers, instead of selecting them from their own cards. It’s interesting because you can get some really creative answers. But it can also sometimes revolve around similar concepts repeating themselves. The second is a neat game where you sculpt a handful of clay to resemble an object listed on a card and the other players guess what it is. However, you get more points the longer it takes them to guess the object. So you want your “cluzzle” to be good enough for the other players to guess, but not so good that they get it right away. It’s a pretty interesting conundrum.
Also last week I helped my Mom set up a new blog for her personal weight loss program/goal/story/kvetching here on techhouse. This required a couple of updates to my hosting account, but nothing too painful. Check it out if you like the way my mom rants. I definitely find it amusing. It also has a clever name and tag-line.
I think that’s enough random rambling for now. Let’s see how long it takes me to post again this time. :-D

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