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Massanutten Was Incredible

13 May, 2008 (16:15) | Family, Life In General, Work | By: Brian

Last night I got back from a wonderful weekend vacation at mountain resort called Massanutten near McGaheysville, VA. There’s a range of ridge-like mountains in the middle of the Shenandoah valley, and this resort is nestled into a curved out half crater, like a giant U-shaped mountain. Friday morning I took care of some job search stuff and then drove down there and got some food with Mom and Paul. Saturday morning we drove up to an overlook section on the side of the crater. They had paved a little parking lot and cut down and swatch of the side of the ridge so you could see the entire crater and take pictures of it. Then we had lunch near one of the golf courses and headed home. When we were in the outlook, we noticed how close our cabins were to the ski area. The resort guide mentioned that our place was, in theory, a ski-up lodge, so we decided to check that out. We walked to the end of our street, climbed over some rocks and were on the naked ski slopes. We hoofed partway up the slopes near us, taking pictures every 15 or 20 feet up the hill face and then back down.

Sunday had crappier weather outside, so we decided to head inside to Luray Caverns. We got about an hour tour through the “show cavern” with the guide describing some history of the cavern, giving some of the silly names for the formations inside and making terrible puns like “rockfish” and such. I tried to get a few pictures without the flash on to get a better idea of the lighting they had down there, but there just wasn’t enough light to go around. I think we ended up around 160 or 170 ft down at the lower part of the tour, the caverns go much deeper. We had lunch at a little cafe at their shop and headed back to the lodge. On the way back we stopped at a little pond inside the bowl of the mountain for some more pictures. Great spot for animals to hang out, it seemed. We saw quite a few birds, groundhogs, deer and a big black cat around the resort.

On the last day, Paul and I paid a few bucks for a chair lift ride up to the very top of the crater edge. Mom does not handle heights well (or, really, at all), so it was up to us to get up their and take the best pictures we could. We got off the lift near the top and took a few pictures there. Then we walked up a service road to a set of cell phone tower stations that were on the very top. Up there were a few rock outcroppings at the top of some pretty sheer cliff faces. Paul and I stood on the rocks and took a lot of panoramic pictures. I also got Mom standing in front of some silver car in the middle of the street outside our lodge, but it’s barely noticeable even at 10x zoom.

Finally, I had to come back home and get back to the job hunt stuff. Today I had a phone screen and a face-to-face interview. Both went pretty well. Tomorrow I have a second interview with the place I went to today and a phone screen with another company. I have another phone screen being scheduled now for later in the week. It’s nice to be popular! The company that I have the second interview with tomorrow I’m really excited about. They do interactive web sites and other marketing media solutions. I’d be working on application development for a variety of customers and seeing lots of new technologies and things. The company environment looks like a great place to work in with the “work hard, play hard” attitude that I like. A couple of the other places I’m talking to look pretty interesting too, so who knows.

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