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Gaming Ennui

4 May, 2008 (13:44) | Family, Gaming, Lynn | By: Brian

So, the problem with getting really excited for new games that are close to coming out is the tiredness I feel toward the games I have here. I’m really excited for Mythos and Spore, so much so that I tried the demos for a couple of games similar to Mythos that have come out in the last few years. None of those demos grabbed me, and I don’t want to pay for a new game when I have a bunch here and Mythos should be in open beta soon. Yet, I look at the games here and they’re either games that I got part of the way through and got bored of, or online games that no one I know is really playing anymore, or co-op games that are really only fun with another person here to play with. I suppose I could be playing WoW with some friends, but it’s just not that interesting right now and is so grindy and slow-paced. I think I might actually jump back into puzzle pirates for a bit. They’ve released a new crafting puzzle that I want to try out, and it’s a great change of pace from the monster-killing level grind of other games. I’ve also been mulling over Final Fantasy Tactics and Battle Hunter on the PS1, possibly the greatest and worst strategy-RPGs ever made, respectively. Or I might just keep reading Dune, which is still amazing, even on my third read of it.

Yesterday Lynn and I saw Tig and her boys for their 3rd birthday party, and that was fun. I got them a pair of bubble gun things that Alex really took to. Nick loved the basketball setup that they got from their Aunt and Uncle. They were adorable and amazing all day. In the evening, Lynn and I went to Julie and Miles’ house for a techhouse gathering and BBQ. We sat and chatted with my college friends for a few hours and played a bit of GTA IV with Julie’s brother on his giant TV. Man, is that a pretty game. They did an amazing job with their NYC parody/replica and it was fun to drive around in it. It almost made me want to get one of the older GTA games for my PS2, until I remembered that I find the control scheme really annoying for much of the game. Plus, the gang banger storyline of San Andreas just isn’t that interesting to me. Lynn loved playing around with GTA IV, too. She had a blast stealing cars and trying to drive over people. Having a gf that loves video and board games almost as much as I do is the best.

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