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I Survived Adult League

2 May, 2008 (08:47) | Family, Gaming, Hockey, Life In General | By: Brian

I made it through reffing my first adult league. It was definitely interesting and a bit different from doing little kids games. It moved a lot quicker, obviously. And it was much more physical with a lot more borderline rule infractions. With the little kids, it’s pretty obvious when they’re going over the top. With men, at that speed, it’s hard. I know that I missed some stuff here and there, and probably over-called a few, too. But the other ref and I did an alright job and kept it under control. I will probably grab a few more games here and there, slowly at first, to work in to it. I’ll try to cherry pick the games with teams I know aren’t real rough with each other, too.

In gaming related blogging, I’m going to start a new feature. This is my brilliant video game idea of the Day/Week/Month/Astronomical Interval. If you play games long enough, you’re bound to have what you think are great ideas for games to be made. And, they probably are great. Players, testers and developers get them all the time. Game ideas are a dime or dozen, it’s the actual execution and implementation and detail design that makes Bioshock so special over Brute Force, for example. Anyway, based on my recent playing of Ikariam and listening to a silly conversation between guys pretending to be stoners that sounded like, “What if we’re, like, the NPCs, dude, and the NPCs are, like, the real dudes…dude,” I had this idea. I think it would be fun to create a game where you control the NPC town or series of towns that dungeon adventurers use between their violent rampages. It’d be like a cross between simcity, dungeon keeper, lemonade stand and a splash of Ikariam. You’d start with a town of basic buildings, like an inn, an armory, a magic shop, etc. Overtime, adventurers would wander in to buy and sell things and get refreshed from their travails. You’d spend the gold you acquire from these adventurers on upgrades to your town to serve more and stronger adventurers. The game could also be setup where there are multiple town/levels that you work through, each have a different goal of serving a certain number, or acquiring a certain level of cash on hand. It might play a lot like that space station upkeep game on Xbox Live Arcade, Outpost Kaloki X. So yeah, that’s my brilliant game idea of the “whenever I think of the next one.”

Last night’s Lost was slightly interesting, but not much really moved forward.

Tonight I have a hockey game at 2030, playing defense for the Pond C team. Afterward one of my hockey friends is turning 21 and having her birthday party at Timothy’s. It should be a good night. Tomorrow morning I have to find a birthday present for my sister’s boys for their party in the afternoon.


Comment from Petunia
Time May 2, 2008 at 10:55 am

I’m not sure if I understand this right. (I usually don’t) Your idea is to build a “support town” near where the battles take place, where the adventurers can go for R&R, to spend time and money?? So you can get rich, game-wise? Is that right?

Don’t build a magic shop. Build a brothel.


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