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Month: May, 2008

Massanutten Was Incredible

13 May, 2008 (16:15) | Family, Life In General, Work | By: Brian

Last night I got back from a wonderful weekend vacation at mountain resort called Massanutten near McGaheysville, VA. There’s a range of ridge-like mountains in the middle of the Shenandoah valley, and this resort is nestled into a curved out half crater, like a giant U-shaped mountain. Friday morning I took care of some job [...]

Will Code For Food

7 May, 2008 (12:45) | Life In General, Work | By: Brian

As of around 10am this morning another co-worker and I were laid off from Solstice Software. I’m probably not allowed to discuss why in a public setting, but they had to reduce headcount for financial reasons, and we were let go. So, if you have any Java coding you need done, say around the house [...]

Gaming Ennui

4 May, 2008 (13:44) | Family, Gaming, Lynn | By: Brian

So, the problem with getting really excited for new games that are close to coming out is the tiredness I feel toward the games I have here. I’m really excited for Mythos and Spore, so much so that I tried the demos for a couple of games similar to Mythos that have come out in [...]

I Survived Adult League

2 May, 2008 (08:47) | Family, Gaming, Hockey, Life In General | By: Brian

I made it through reffing my first adult league. It was definitely interesting and a bit different from doing little kids games. It moved a lot quicker, obviously. And it was much more physical with a lot more borderline rule infractions. With the little kids, it’s pretty obvious when they’re going over the top. With [...]