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Urge to blog rising

30 April, 2008 (17:08) | Family, Gaming, Hockey, Ikariam, Life In General, Lynn | By: Brian

While waiting for my code to compile at work, I thought I’d take a minute to update all of my many readers (4 of you?) on my goings on. This past weekend I went to Sharon White’s wedding down in Baltimore and got to hang out and dance with a large chunk of the Tech House crew from college. I also got to see some of her new husband’s friends, some of which I’d met before, but most were new. It was great seeing everyone and participating in our circle’s wedding tradition of singing “Friends in Low Places” as loudly and obnoxiously and drunkenly as possible. I don’t know why that song, I think it’s Jen Berman’s fault. Congrats to Sharon and Chris, I hope you two are having fun in Tahiti.

Hockey has been going well. I’m now two weeks into six weeks of an adult skills class with the hockey director at the Pond. I think aside from the guys running the clinic, I might be the best skater in the class, which is pretty cool. I’ve actually had other people ask me for advice on stuff, too, and I’m always glad to help. I love going to public skates and helping out my friends there. Lynn and I continue to go to as many Friday and Saturday night public skates as we can squeeze in. Tonight I will ref my first men’s league game with my friend Dan Cirmeniello. Hopefully it won’t be too crazy of a game and I won’t have to get into too much mess, but one never knows with the adult league.
Last weekend we both stayed after public to play broom ball. I stayed in goal the whole game and used a combination of hockey player gear, hockey referee gear and soccer goalkeeper gear. It actually worked out to my advantage, as my side won 6-4 over two hours, and I learned a lot about playing goalie. The keeper gloves work pretty well for holding the ball, the trick is to swallow it up and not let it bounce off of me back into traffic. Lynn and her friend Jackie both had a lot of fun during the game and will be trying it again soon.

On the gaming front, I heard about and have become very excited for an upcoming game called Mythos from Flagship Studios. They’re putting together a new iteration on the Diablo theme with updated graphics, a new crafting system and better online features. It looks pretty sweet by all the accounts I’ve read. And the best part: FAH-REE! The game will be free to download, and free to play. There will be in-game money transactions that will get you additional features to help you along, but nothing that will horribly unbalance paying players vs. non-paying players. Mythos will feature different difficulty modes and some neat PvP options, too. Right now the game is in closed beta testing, but should go open beta soon.
While waiting for Mythos to go open beta I’ve been trying out various things to scratch the action-rpg dungeon crawl itch. Part of that has been some demos on the PC, which have been entertaining, but nothing special. I did, however, pick up a great game for the DS called Mystery Dungeon:Shiren the Wanderer. It’s a Japanese game that is basically a graphic update and enhancement for the Rogue style of games. It’s a turn-based rpg with randomly generated dungeons and a punishing death system. But it’s also got interesting NPC and town interactions that persist between dungeon crawls. It’s a game that enforces brains over brawn. You have to be smart and knowledgeable and you have to plan to get through the later levels. Lynn and I have played a bit of X-Men: Legends and Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows together when the mood strikes us for some co-op video game action. I’ve kind of fallen off Ikariam already. It’s a great game in the beginning, but now it’s moving so slowly and the combat/pillage system is so dull that I’ve just lost interest. Ah well.

This weekend coming up I have some great plans. I’ve got a hockey game and birthday party Friday night. Then I have my nephew’s birthday party (I need to get them presents! Crap!) on Saturday. My google calendar is currently clear for Sunday, but I’m sure that will change.

Finally, the Flyers are still in the playoffs and looking pretty good in this series. The first game was definitely a terrible fluke of one-sided reffing, but they’ve come back strong and are proving themselves. Let’s go, boys!

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