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Madness Takes Its Toll

31 March, 2008 (16:38) | Baseball, Family, Hockey, Life In General, Lynn, WoW | By: Brian

A pretty crazy week for me. The UD Bearcats lost both games of our best two-of-three series. Both were close, tough, fun games. The first ended 4-3 in regulation, the second 5-4 in the 12th or so round of a shootout. Fantastic drama and excitement all around. Thursday night was very relaxing, Lynn and I relaxed and played video games together for a bit. Friday morning I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to spend some more time with her before she left for spring break so I took a personal day, my first of the year. We slept in and had lunch together before I dropped her off. At some point in the morning I banged my elbow hard into who knows what and busted something loose. It bruised up pretty bad and filled up with some fluid I assume is internal bleeding. The swelling has gone down and there’s no pain in it, anymore. The fluid is starting to go away, too. I have a doctor’s appt next week for a cholesterol reading, so if it’s still there by then I’ll see what the doc says. Lynn went to Virginia this weekend to Busch Gardens with her family, and will be home in Long Island soon. She’ll be back to school on Sunday. Saturday I helped babysit my nephews for the day and took them to their friend Sidney’s birthday party. That was really fun and they were a blast to play with. I passed out almost immediately after getting home from watching them. Sunday was mostly spent playing video games and getting some chores done.

Spring season of adult league hockey starts this week, but I have to miss the first Pond game as I will be seeing the Phillies host the ‘Nats with my co-worker, Bill. He’s in my NL-Only fantasy league, so it will be extra fun to heckle each other and our players. I’m so happy that baseball is back, and that Chase Utley has already knocked in a homer for me in my mixed league. Tonight one of my mixed-league pitchers goes against one of my NL-only league pitchers. That will be gut-wrenching to watch. One of the good things about having an Atlanta Brave on your team is that the games are always on TBS. It’s extra cool that the Brave I’ll be watching went to my high school. Also in sports news, the Frozen Four, college hockey semifinals, will be starting next Thursday and both games will be on ESPN2. Mark your calendars! Go Wolverines!

Lastly, I played a bit of WoW with my college friends over the weekend, adding a few levels to my mage and warrior lowbies and almost made it to 64 with my priest. I hope to get there soon for new spells! Lynn keeps asking about WoW, but I’m afraid to show her. She was apparently a big fan of Diablo and Diablo 2, and this is basically a larger, fuller, more strategic version of the same gameplay: whack monsters with a big stick and grab their loot. I saw what online gaming did to some of my college friends’ GPAs while I was in school and she really doesn’t need another excuse to procrastinate when she has work to do. Still, WoWing together would be really fun…


Comment from Petunia
Time April 1, 2008 at 9:35 am

Ha!!! There were 3 of you there to watch them, 3 under 30 to watch them, and you can’t handle it!!!! (And you wonder why I’m ready to drop??)

Comment from Brian
Time April 1, 2008 at 11:07 am

I don’t wonder at all!

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