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2008 Bearcats Alumni Game

21 March, 2008 (14:14) | Hockey, Life In General, Lynn | By: Brian

Tomorrow night will be a friendly pickup game between players and friends of the Bearcat Organization. The GM, Derek, will be be running the Harvard Maroon/Dark team and I’ll be running the White team. We ran our player draft this afternoon over e-mail, with Derek taking the first pick. Goalies are still to-be-determined, Bryan Austin will have his pick of which drafted team to play for. The game will be at 8:50pm in the back rink of UD. Here’s how the draft and lines should shake out:

Dark: Downes, Mulry, Meglino, Welsh, Crystle, Golembrosky, Hall, Moore, Godek, Dohring

White: Williamson, Wienke, Wolf, Harrison, Murphy, Chaubard, Schrag, Keeports, Merritt, Williams

Dark Lines
Forward 1: Downes, Mulry, Dohring
Forward 2: Godek, Hall, Golembrosky
Defense 1: Welsh, Crystle
Defense 2: Meglino, Moore

White Lines
Forward 1: Merritt, Williamson, Wienke
Forward 2: Wolf, Chaubard, Keeports
Defense 1: Williams, Murphy
Defense 2: Harrison, Schrag

Hopefully the latest Bearkitten, my new girlfriend Lynn, will be able to watch. In other hockey news, my Pond team won the Pond C championship! And my UD team advanced to the finals round which is a best two of three beginning on Monday. The Bearcats are on a tear! And, a picture stolen from facebook of Lynn, pretend she’s cheering for us. ;-)
The Lynners

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