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Playoffs?! Don't talk to me about playoffs!

26 February, 2008 (18:57) | Grammar, Hockey | By: Brian

Playoffs have begun for my Pond team. We won our first game against our bitter rivals, the Drunken Clams. It was a very close game for almost all of it, but we got a few safety goals at the end to win 5-1. I assisted on the first two and had a pretty solid game all the way through. Our next round will be a best 2 of 3 against the Lawnquenchers, and we’ll have another best 2 of 3 for the finals if we win that. We were 1-1 with the ‘Quenchers this season, so it should be a good series. I’ve updated my Google doc schedule, which can be found here. We still have quite a few games left at UD to play before playoffs start there. I’m currently attempting to grow a “playoff beard,” which is considered lucky in hockey. Some of my friends may remember my last attempt two years ago was pretty sad. Still, it’s a fun tradition anyway. If we get knocked out early I may shave before the playoffs at UD start, or I might not. With no stable woman in my life to complain, what the hey, right?

I finished Bill Walsh’s “Lapsing into a Comma,” a fantastic curmudgeon’s guide to grammar pitfalls. Absolutely loved it. He’s a proponent of the “edit with your brain, not your editor’s search-and-replace function.” Apparently that’s an issue in a lot of places.

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