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My Secret Admirer

20 February, 2008 (00:44) | Baseball, Grammar, Life In General, Soccer | By: Brian

While I was on the ice tonight (big win! I helped! woo!), someone who loves me left a note on my windshield. It reads, *ahem* “Brian, U R the keeper of my <3. I luv 4 U 2 catch my ballz. <3, Secret Admirer" Well now. From this we can only draw one conclusion, I think: My friends are dicks. Thanks, guys!

However, if this is indeed sincere, I am sorry to disappoint the author. Firstly, I don't swing that way, not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just not my thing. Secondly, your grammar and spelling is atrocious, and I could never love someone who wrote like that, even in jest. Although I am certainly flattered and appreciate the sentiment dearly. Please don't take it personally, I just prefer to have girls shoot on me.

Or something.


Over the weekend I did, in fact, buy a cheap pair of goalkeeper gloves for soccer and a goalkeeper jersey that has extra elbow protection sewn in. Some of my friends convinced me that I’d like it and have fun, and so far I have. I’ve been referring a lot to and working off its examples for technique and things. I hope to get a few more people out this weekend perhaps and get some game situations going. It’s nice because I don’t have to fight the urge to use my hands, I’m allowed to. I’m tall which is good for lofted balls and grabbing it out of the air before someone can put a head on it. And being keeper gives me some leeway to push people around a bit and run them over. I like that. Of course, they’re all soccer sissies, so they’ll whine when I hit them, but oh well. If they don’t want to get knocked over they should stay out of my 18. The major problem is that the keeper gloves aren’t nearly as easy to throw off as hockey gloves are. They’re all velcroed tight and stuff. The first time someone kicks me when I have the ball I’m liable to ask them if they want to “go” which will probably just confuse them. My hockey instincts may get me in trouble. I’ll add more on this extra hobby as it develops.

My roommate’s NL-Only fantasy baseball league is off and running. I have named my team the “Dover Delphians.” It’s almost like Dover is a real city.

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