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I will never yell at a ref again

12 November, 2007 (17:08) | Life In General | By: Brian

It’s a tough job! Some of the guys I know make it look so easy, but for some reason it wrecks my nerves. I think part of it is just being new and not having all the procedures and calls down just yet. But part of it is just self doubting myself and knowing that I’m missing stuff. Part of my job is to keep the game under control so the kids don’t hurt each other. But I have to realize that I can’t always prevent that either, as some just want to do go after each other no matter what. I definitely had some fun, and I think I got better by the 4th game, but it’s rough, too. I’m definitely going to keep reffing until I at least make back the money I spent on gear. If I haven’t learned to relax a bit and be more confident in calling stuff I’m not sure I’ll keep going. The other guys I’ve reffed with have been very supportive though, which has helped a lot.


Comment from Petunia
Time November 12, 2007 at 9:55 pm

Damn it, cut yourself a break. Relaxing while doing something takes time; NO ONE relaxes in the beginning, at anything! (Remember the first time you drove, no relaxing, no confidence then either!!) See how you feel about it all in a month.

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