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Gettings Things Done

6 October, 2007 (11:05) | Gaming, Hockey, Life In General | By: Brian

So, I started coming up with some ideas for a side project, which I’m actually a little excited about. Awhile ago I wanted to help Dan with some stuff he had come up with, but that fizzled out. He’s got something new that I may help with as needed, but I won’t be a major part of it. This new thing I have could actually go somewhere if I put the proper amount of energy and organization in it. To that end, I’ve also started reading up on a personal productivity method that Dan and a couple of my co workers have adopted. It’s generally referred to as Getting Things Done and originally developed by David Allen. It has some really neat, simple, sensible concepts for organizing things that need to get done, and then doing them. I think it will help me get a handle on my house and hockey life, as well as keep me focused on this new project. I’m keeping the new thing quiet for now, until I have some more detailed design done. Let’s just say it involves gaming of some kind.

The last week has been pretty relaxing. I played two excellent games of hockey and scored a goal in one of them. All the guys that I hadn’t seen in awhile said they noticed marked improvement in my play, which is always nice to hear. My next two games are Thursday and Friday next week. The rest of my evenings I played some video games and spent a lot of time brain storming and researching. Last night was a really fun camp fire party at Miles’ parent’s house in PA. Today I have some chores and errands to run, but will probably take a break to skate tonight and get a workout. More of the same tomorrow. A big question that’s been on my plate is what to do with Paxton’s large cage, now that it is no longer inhabited. I could try to sell it, or just clean and store it for future pet use.

During the week I also created a group on facebook called, “I would have joined your group, but the spelling was atrocious!“. Yes, I am one of those pedantic douchebags. It’s just a matter of applying Occam’s Razor: If you write like a moron, you probably are a moron.

Also, the Flyers won their first game of the season! Way to go! Their new star forward, Danny Briere, showed off his amazing skills with two goals, the first just 3 minutes into the game. This prompted me to make terrible cheese jokes for two days, since his name sounds like a combination of briee and gruyere. Cheese alloy for the win!

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