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30 September, 2007 (22:37) | Baseball, Gaming, Hockey, Life In General | By: Brian

Well the regular season of baseball is over. My newly adopted favorite team, the NY Mets, did not make the post season and missed by a game. The baseball playoffs are really tough, only 8 of 32 teams go, not like the 16 of 30 in the NHL. Just getting in is so tough and exclusive. But the Mets played horribly in the entire last month of the season and didn’t deserve to just coast in anyway. This will put a really harsh taste in the mouths of the younger guys and I hope it puts the fire into them for next year.
On a related note, my fantasy baseball season is over as well. I used Google docs to create a spreadsheet to help me track the keeper values of my roster here. Basically I get $50 in fake money to choose which of those players to keep, and what round picks I’d have to give up in the next draft. It’s tough because a lot of those guys are good and I definitely got the value of this season’s pick out of them, but not necessarily the lower number pick I’d have to give up to keep them. And pitcher’s are so wildly random and unstable, are any of them worth keeping at all? King Felix is pretty awesome and on the way up, and Wang is consistent and has the greatest name ever. But who can say? I don’t have to actually decide for quite a few months, though.
I’m about halfway through the online reffing test and it is a lot tougher than I expected. The questions are worded strangely like logic puzzles of their own. I think I’m doing well so far, and I get to take a make-up if I fail this one, but still. My fall men’s league seasons start this week. My first game is tomorrow at the Pond, and the next Tuesday at UofD. Let’s go Bearcats!!!
The Orange Box rules! I’ve been playing Half-Life 2 for the first time, and it’s pretty damn fun and very cool. Also lots of TF2 with the GWJ crew and that’s a blast.

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