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Two Weekends of Awesome

14 February, 2007 (18:29) | Baseball, Gaming, Life In General | By: Brian

So, I know you’re all waiting to hear about it. Yes, my weekend ski trip was totally awesome. Friday the 2nd I rode up to VT in my friend Christi’s minivan with her, her fiance, maz, markley and kerry anne. We stopped at the Woodbury Commons off the NY through way, which is a fantastic outlet shopping location. I picked up a new pair of hiking sneakers from the North Face that were a reasonable price to begin with and 50% off of that! They’re quite spiffy looking and match my Columbia jacket nicely. We got to the Sunrise lodges in Killington and met up with the rest of our group for dinner. There was a bit of snow coming down that evening, but luckily we didn’t have too many driving problems. Saturday I got up around 7, had some breakfast, got dressed, walked out behind our condo and skied down the mountain. How awesome is that? I had 5 runs in the morning, then skied back to our condo for lunch. I made another 4 runs after lunch, one of which through the terrain park where I watched Eytan totally rock the super pipe. I discovered how different skiing on fresh powder in Vermont is from Poconos skiing. There were lots of clumpy piles of powder across the trails and that was a bit difficult for me. I had a lot of trouble getting down one trail in particular, but I adapted eventually. The second day I only went on 5 runs total, because I didn’t want to hurt myself. The conditions were a lot more like PA on Sunday with light powder on top of hardpack. So I didn’t have to negotiate the big piles of fluff, but there was enough general fluff to carve into. Sunday night we watched the super bowl with pizza and wings and beer and that was really fun. Monday we had breakfast in Rutland and then headed back down. It was snowing up in the mountains when we left, but once we got down out of Rutland it cleared up very fast and was sunny and nice all the way home. The traffic in NJ was pretty crazy, but it was rush hour. All in all a fantastic trip.

The next week went pretty quick, I had a lot of chores and errands to catch up on.

Last Friday I met Blair and Nena and Brennan for dinner to celebrate Blair’s new job. He’s finally getting away from the state and is finally getting back into technology. He’s starting as tech support for a web hosting company, the very one that hosts this site. Hopefully as he catches up to the current trends in web stuff he’ll move up quickly and become a full-time coder and get real experience. I’ve got some books to loan him for that stuff.

Saturday I went down to Washington, DC to visit my good friend Amanda Vierling who I’ve previously mentioned here. Her family were terrific hosts and are very fun to hang out with. While I was there Amanda and I met up with some of my online friends from GamersWithJobs. We joined them for the afternoon at a big bar and arcade and had a great time chatting about games and jobs and sports and life in general.

Sunday on the way home I visited Neight and Kerrie in Laurel and met their new dog and new cat. They were very fun to hang out with and chat about all the stuff we’ve been up to. I got a couple of things of mine that I’d accidentally left with them, including an awesome Penny Arcade poster signed by Gabe and Tycho. I need to measure it and get a frame soonly.
Since I’ve been back in Delaware I’ve mostly been playing Guild Wars with my GWJ friends and trying to finish the main campaign for that. It’s a great fun massive multi-player game that you don’t have to pay monthly for. I’ve got a nifty Ranger whose name is Aerol Flynn. He’s like the actor, only less gay, and with cooler magic. I’ll post a screenshot sometime.

Also this week marks the beginning of pre-baseball season as Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training on Friday. That also means the beginning of pre-fantasy baseball season. The commissioner for my league has sent out the introductory email and rules for the league, so Dan and I have been discussing it frequently. Last year I chose a kind of spur of the moment silly name for my team that was just a phrase from a baseball movie. This year, I decided to get some advice. So, during my lunch break today, I called the guys over at the Fantasy 411 and asked them a couple of questions including where they draw inspiration for team names. Since they seem to enjoy puns of town and school names, mascots, etc, I decided to go with the ‘UD Jew Hens’ and use this totally stolen logo:

How awesome is that? Considering my league is about half Jewish lawyers, I think they’ll like it. If you want to hear me live on MLB Radio, check out the archived episode here. I’m like, famous and stuff. If you like baseball at all you should listen to the entire show, but I appear around 20 minutes in and sound like a huge dork!

This weekend I have a party to go to Friday night and some ice Saturday night. Otherwise I’m generally free and will probably try to go food shopping and run some other errands once the weather and roads cooperate.

Finally I’d like to send a big Happy Valentine’s Day to my mother and sister, my two favoritest ladies in this world. Thank you very much for raising and supporting me. If only there were more women out there like you guys, I wouldn’t be such a chauvinist pig! ;-)


Comment from tigger
Time February 14, 2007 at 6:45 pm

You’re the bestest!

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