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I don't post enough

22 January, 2007 (17:51) | Gaming, Hockey, Life In General, Music, WoW, Work | By: Brian

I apologize to my legions of adoring fans, I’ve been a smidge busy lately and unable to blog. I’m still greatly enjoying my iPod and found some really neat podcasts. Yesterday Dan finally got his Wii!!! So we’ve been enjoying that toy as well.

I haven’t been video gaming too much other than the occasional short foray into the World of Warcraft to check out the new content. I picked up a couple new Barenaked Ladies’ songs on guitar and have been practicing them a bit. Jim gave me one of his old amps and I’ve cranked on that a couple of times. Luckily the neighbors haven’t complained, yet. The girl upstairs practices keyboard pretty often, so it’s a mutual noise situation.

I’ve grabbed some extra ice in the last couple weeks which has been nice. I’ve played the last two Friday night pickup hockeys with a mess of Bearcats and that’s been fun. I’ve been working on my defense in particular. I’m also in the process of building a wrist strengthener out of a broken hockey stick, some cord and a barbell weight. You basically grab the stick with both hands and wind the cord up and down with the weight attached to the end, great exercise for the wrist and snap shots. I got a nice stick handling ball too, for practicing in the garage or out on the pavement when it gets warm again. I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my play from the extra stick handling practice off ice, so I’m going to keep that up. Using different weights and surfaces helps improve reaction time and confidence with the puck. My eventual goal is to buy or build one of these!
Saturday I helped judge an Odyssey of the Mind event down in Dover. I had a lot of fun doing that as always, and I also got to see my family there for an all too brief time as well.

My NFL team is out of the playoffs now, so that frees up my weekends a bit. Although, in two weekends I’ll be watching the Super Bowl in Vermont! I’m going on a 3 day skiing vacation with a dozen friends or so from college at Killington Mountain. Should be a ton of fun and we’re going to watch the game up there as well. Da Bears are going to do the Super Bowl Shuffle!

The new job is going really well and I’m starting to fit in and get comfortable with the team and the projects.
That’s about all the new stuff for me. Thanks to the people who kept prodding me to post. Send me questions or things to talk about, these general life updates are kinda dull, I think.

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