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Month: January, 2007

Weekend and Car Repair

30 January, 2007 (20:16) | Life In General | By: Brian

It was the usual kind of weekend for me. Friday night I watched my friend Becca play goalie for a local high school hockey team and then had a beer with my friend Katie. Saturday was the inaugural International Clean Up the Condo Weekend day. I spent the morning cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. Took [...]

Thing of the Week

25 January, 2007 (11:09) | Hockey, Life In General | By: Brian

First, a big ‘Hello!’ to Amanda Vierling. She must have my blog in a reader of some kind since she almost immediately wrote to me after my last post. I just want to tell everyone reading this that Amanda is a terrific person for putting my up with my general laziness toward communication over the [...]

I don't post enough

22 January, 2007 (17:51) | Gaming, Hockey, Life In General, Music, WoW, Work | By: Brian

I apologize to my legions of adoring fans, I’ve been a smidge busy lately and unable to blog. I’m still greatly enjoying my iPod and found some really neat podcasts. Yesterday Dan finally got his Wii!!! So we’ve been enjoying that toy as well. I haven’t been video gaming too much other than the occasional [...]