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All Work and All Play Make Briley Very Tired

17 October, 2006 (09:07) | Hockey, LauraJoy, Life In General, WordPress | By: Brian

Another month, another blog post. Sorry to keep “my public” waiting. Mostly I’ve been up to the same old stuff. I’ve been visiting my sister and mother a lot. They’re going through some rough times right now, so it’s my pleasure to help out where I can. Check out their blogs for more pics and info and things. I’ve also been skating, a lot. This fall I totally lost my mind and signed up for two different hockey teams. I’m playing for the same Bellevue Bearcats at the University that I’ve been on, and I’m also on a second Bearcats team at the Pond. We’re calling it the Bearcats “Developmental” Team, which is a nice way of saying, we suck. We’ve got a fun group of guys over there, but most of them haven’t been playing very long, and very few have played together at all. There’s about 14 guys on the roster, and I’m probably in the top 5 skillwise…and that’s just sad. I’ve also got the biggest mouth on the team, so I’ve had to step up into a leadership role and command the troops on and off the ice. I might actually get a captain’s ‘C’ on my jersey for it, tho. I got an assist last night and a goal in our first game this season at UD, so I’m off to a decent start. I’ve been getting more compliments on my play recently, too. I attribute that to the hockey gym I’ve been working on in my garage. I set up a big space to practice my stickhandling around some obstacles. I’m also thinking about how I can get some foam padding up on the wall to practice shooting with a rubber roller ball or a golf ball. I can paint little bulls-eyes in the corners of a  net outline. I’ve been working on some web pages, too. I’ve been helping a bit with my mother’s and sister’s sites, but mostly I’ve been trying to cobble together a new front page for techhouse. I really want to revamp techhouse into a useful and fun community site, not just the forums. Unfortunately I’m limited by time and energy and the software available on the host, but who knows. I’ve been galavanting between here and Philly quite a bit to see my LJ, too. She’s absolutely worth it, being the cutest thing ever, of course. I don’t freak out when she takes me into jewelry stores, so we must be doing something right, eh? And finally, Los Mets are in the NLCS! LET’S GO METS!

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