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19 September, 2006 (00:04) | Life In General | By: Brian

There haven’t been any posts in awhile. We, The Management, apologize for the inconvenience. Those responsible have been sacked.

With that I’m gonna talk a little bit about the last month. I’ve been settling into the new condo with Dan quite comfortably. I’ve gone through some of the boxes in the garage, but there are a few more to get through. I bought a new house for Paxton, as well. He’s got a swank 4 level cage with a new hammock at the top. I also put his plastic igloo house in the bottom, so now he has a nice hide-away spot to sleep in. I don’t know if it’s something about the carpet or new place or what, but he’s taken to jumping back into his cage to poo when he’s out, and that’s pretty convenient. Over the weekend Mom got to finally see the new place and was pretty impressed with everything (aside from wondering why I picked out a very light colored carpet). People are welcome to visit anytime!

Laura’s doing well at her new place up in Philly. I’ve been up there a few times to visit and we’ve gone out looking around the city and checking out fun places.

At work I just finished up a pretty large chunk of code to make a deadline last week. This week I’m doing cleanup and testing and bugfixing on that chunk of code.  I should be moving on to some kind of new project here in the next few days. I’m looking forward to getting into a new project early and helping shape something from the ground up.

As for video gaming, I’ve mostly been hopping around a couple of games and not settling on anything in particular. I did put a little time into my Warcraft main char. The road to level 40 when I get a mount has been kind of a pain. But a couple of coworkers keep me interested. I just barely missed playoffs in my fantasy baseball league, but that’s alright because fantasy football is just starting. I’m managing the Mad Scientists in our office league of 12 teams on Yahoo’s Fantasy site. I lost my first week after some terrible mismanagement, but eeked a win out of this week. I never thought I’d be rooting for Dallas, but I ended up with Bledsoe as my QB. It’s going to be interesting down the stretch.
In hockey news, the Bellevue Bearcats have started their fall season at the UofD. We played our hated rivals, the Drunken Clams and dropped it pretty badly. I played really well compared to normal, but rushed a couple of plays that could have turned out better. I played very well physically in the third period as well, which is usually hard for me. Our next UD game is this upcoming sunday at 10pm in the back rink. I’m doing double duty this season playing for the Bearcats at UD and on a second Bearcats team at the Pond which starts in the middle of October, I believe.

I also happened to get shanghaid into helping out the new Junior ‘A’ team in Newark, the Delaware Thunder. I went out for the first game and asked the assistant coach, a good friend of mine, if I could help out and got asked to run the camera for their live webcast. You can see my camera work in the first archived game here. The head coach asked me to keep helping the broadcast crew for any more home games I can, so I should be there again this Friday and Saturday nights at the Pond. I’ve skated with two of the kids on the team before a few times, so getting to film my friends is kinda fun. The play-by-play announcer, Bill, is a fun and friendly guy to work with as well. The only downside is that the team’s theme song is AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. I’m not a big fan of the band to begin with and I’ve now heard the intro to that song about 742 times too many. Ah well, not too terrible in the grand scheme of things. LET’S GO THUNDER!

Aside from hockey I’ve been getting a little extra exercise playing Ultimate Frisbee with a good group of kids down at the U. Great game, but a little rough on my ankles and shins, since I’m not used to running.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things, but it’s 1am. So I’m gonna call it a post and try to update a little more frequently. Check out my mother and sister’s blogs for cute pics of my nephews!!!

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