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Out of the Apt!

3 August, 2006 (18:49) | Life In General | By: Brian

Well, I’m finally out of the old place. I didn’t do a picture perfect job of cleaning it, but eh, it’s done. I don’t expect to get much of my deposits back anyway. That whole ‘safety deposit’ thing is a sham. Over the next few weeks I’ll be unpacking and organizing and throwing out some more crap. Luckily I have a nice big garage to hold all my crap until I can go through it all. I’m also going to get some pictures up shortly now that things are starting to settle down.

On the fun side, the kids at GWJ found for me a fantastic flash game called Dice Wars.

On the not so fun side, my friend Michael Levin died in Lebanon a couple days ago. He’d wanted to fight for Israel in the IDF since he was 16 and did everything he had to to do it. He’ll be missed very much. Shalom, Mikey.

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