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Month: August, 2006

The Greatest Thing Ever

13 August, 2006 (23:59) | Life In General | By: Brian

Is brand new metal band named Dethklok!!! Hell yeah! Had a pretty good weekend here. Got to meet the Mets in DC where they beat the Nats. Great game and a fun time. Played some pickup hockey with the Bobcats today, also a lot of fun. I picked up a couple goals and setup some [...]

For Mikey

10 August, 2006 (09:32) | Life In General | By: Brian

Queen – No One But You A hand above the water An angel reaching for the sky Is it raining in heaven – Do you want us to cry? And everywhere the broken-hearted On every lonely avenue No-one could reach them No-one but you One by one Only the Good die young They’re only flying [...]

Condo Pics

5 August, 2006 (14:21) | Life In General | By: Brian

I finally took some pics of the new place and put them online. Enjoy! Tonight we have a small housewarming, tomorrow I’m going to Philly for shivah with Michael’s family.

Out of the Apt!

3 August, 2006 (18:49) | Life In General | By: Brian

Well, I’m finally out of the old place. I didn’t do a picture perfect job of cleaning it, but eh, it’s done. I don’t expect to get much of my deposits back anyway. That whole ‘safety deposit’ thing is a sham. Over the next few weeks I’ll be unpacking and organizing and throwing out some [...]