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Month: July, 2006

A Day at the Beaches

25 July, 2006 (09:13) | Life In General | By: Brian

Laura and I had a terrific day in Fenwick Island with the Cravens and Sechlers yesterday. We relaxed and read our books until about 1230 when Tigger and the twins arrived for their first day at the beach ever. We all had a great time watching the twins and playing in the sand. I took [...]

Mostly in the new place!

10 July, 2006 (08:19) | Life In General | By: Brian

With a huge help from Laura, Dan and I got all of our big stuff and most of the rest into the new place over the weekend. The new furniture looks fantastic, and some does my new computer. New furniture and bedsheets also look really good in my room, too. We forgot to put out [...]

Getting setup at the new place!

5 July, 2006 (09:30) | Life In General | By: Brian

Well, I’ve heaped on a bit more debt on myself in the last week, but it’s worth it for my new place. On Saturday I bought a nice new set of living room furniture which will arrive later today (Thank you Laura so much for being there!). I got a sofa, loveseat and big chair [...]

I have a mortgage. Wooo!

1 July, 2006 (09:10) | Life In General | By: Brian

As of 2pm yesterday or so I took possession of my new condo in Newark. This weekend I have a lot of shopping to do for the new place and some color picking. Dan, Laura and I went over and had a fun campout dinner at the new place last night and took some pictures. [...]