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5 April, 2006 (09:12) | Baseball, Hockey, Life In General, WoW | By: Brian

I’m trying to update more now, I promise! So, I’m back from vacation. Laura and I had a fabulous time in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. She took some great pictures. We also had a wedding two days after we got back. My good friends Ken and Kristen, who’ve been dating as long as I’ve known them, finally tied the knot at a great place up in PA. Congrats to both of them!

Sunday Dan and I participated in a Fantasy Baseball draft to raise my interest in the sport. He’s teaching me a lot of details about the game that I didn’t know about and turning me into a Mets fan. I took David Wright and David Ortiz with my first two picks and they’re doing quite well for me. My two big starting pitchers Randy Birdman and Brandon Webb did really well for me on opening day, too. So far I’m staying pretty interested, but hockey playoffs are almost here!
Speaking of which, I start hockey up again with the Bearcats tomorrow night at UD, and I’ve also signed up for a skating class on tuesday nights at the Pond with the great Mark Cardillo.  Tons of fun.

Finally, in the gaming world I picked up Tetris DS before I left to keep me company on the plane rides. It’s a pretty good port of the game with some interesting new modes and quite a few multiplayer options. Julie and I enjoy it at work for breaks sometimes. Also, the character creation ban on Eonar has been lifted so Dan and I are moving back to that WoW server so we can play with my coworker and his buddies there. I’ve joined a huge, fun adult-oriented guild there named Black Thunder. Great guys.

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