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Relaxing Weekend

27 February, 2006 (11:19) | Life In General, WoW | By: Brian

I had a great weekend playing games and just generally chilling. I did some chores and laundry, but mostly I played Warcraft and Halo with my buds. I’m almost to level 20 with my latest character, a Shaman on Blackhand with the GWJ crew. I ran Wailing Caverns in a pickup group and got my first ever set piece, a nice Armor of the Fang. Isn’t that pretty? Also went to a giant Halo LAN party at Rachel’s place. That was a lot of fun, too. I’m still pretty terrible at the game but at least I can beat up on the newbs. It was a good warmup for the big GWJ Zombie night on wednesday as well!

Tonight I have a league game at the UD Ice Rink at 930 after jamming a bit with my co workers.

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