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Shit! I left this thing on?

16 February, 2006 (18:39) | Hockey, LauraJoy, Life In General, Music, WoW | By: Brian

Right…so…back to my so-called…life. I had a great weekend skiing with Laura and a few kids from Techhouse. Laura handled her first time skiing pretty damn well. I’d like to think knowing how to ice skate helped a bit. Christi and I gave her lots of pointers, too.

I’ve played 2 pickup games of hockey this week and have done pretty well in both of them. I hope to sneak in some more ice at Public Skate tomorrow night with some Bearcats and friends. I will probably have another pickup game Saturday night with my team, as well.

I started up another toon on the Blackhand server of WoW. Dan’s playing a Tauren Hunter and learning skinning/leatherworking. I didn’t really want to play my druid with the same professions, so I started a Tauren Shaman and have started learning alchemy/herbalism. Shaman is interesting so far, definitely a different jack of all trades style from the Druid. Maybe I’ll get this character past level 21, who knows! At least I have the GWJ guilds to keep me company on Blackhand. It’s a shame that the login queue is so monstrous.

Finally, all of the music books that I ordered from Amazon for Dan and I have arrived. Sadly Dan now has 3 books on Bass guitar and no guitar to play with. Hopefully it arrives before he sets a building on fire. I bought a bag of marshmellows and some extra hot dogs, just in case. I ordered a song writing book, a guitar fretboard logic book and the Beatles Complete Chord Songbook. Everything I need to pick up my guitar playing and writing skills. Dan and I should be jamming soon. So far I still like ‘True Neutral’ as our terrible fake band name…or is that our fake terrible band name? Or maybe our terrible band fake name. You decide!

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