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Almost Healthy

1 February, 2006 (15:26) | Life In General, WoW | By: Brian

Well, the great Apartment cleaning left my allergies and sinuses in an awful uproar Saturday night. This apparently must have led to my immune system’s total failure since I woke up ridiculously sick on Sunday and noone else in the apt did. I did some more cleaning and went to bed early. I still missed the last two days of work being very stuffy and ill. I’m mostly back to full health now with just a slight sniffle and slight stomach ache from post nasal drip. ‘Intelligent Design’ my ass! The worst part is that I missed a hockey game Sunday night and our team got murdered because I wasn’t there. Hopefully I’ll be healthy enough to play Friday night! A big thanks to my babygirl for taking care of me while I was sick and for making a delicious chicken and cheese soup.
Two nifty links of note. One is a really cool map site for World of Warcraft called MapWoW. It uses the google map UI and is pretty nifty.

Secondly, my personal favorite forum of gamering posted a profile about me on their front page today. I’m very proud to be an employee over at Thanks guys!

And today’s QOTD: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” Sad, but true.

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