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Month: January, 2006

Joint International Apartment-Wide Apartment Cleaning Day

28 January, 2006 (11:19) | Hockey, Life In General | By: Brian

So, I’m about to get off my butt and start the apartment cleaning. Today’s chores include such diverse elements as a shit ton of laundry, pickup and vaccuum the floor, get some organization in my closet and clean the bathroom. Maybe my computer desk if I get around to it. We lost our hockey game [...]

Big Game Tonight!

26 January, 2006 (11:49) | Hockey, LauraJoy, Life In General | By: Brian

I’ve got a nice and early league hockey game tonight at 730pm. It’s on the big ice up front at the U of D. We’re playing our bitter league rivals, the Drunken Clams, so it should be a good, fun, dirty, physical game. Those usually are the best kind. Haven’t done too much else this [...]

Some Site Updates

23 January, 2006 (12:13) | Life In General, WoW, WordPress | By: Brian

So, I found a gallery plugin that kinda works, but isn’t generating thumbnails of my pictures properly. You can see my test page here. What’s up with that? Also, I’m almost done with the blog I created for my WoW guild, ShadowForge. Pretty neat eh? I’ll probably be adding some calendar events and maybe a [...]

I get my gf back tonight!

20 January, 2006 (09:42) | LauraJoy, Life In General | By: Brian

Tonight after work I’ll be heading to the Philadelphia airport to pick up my cutie pie. Yay! I had a good week of playing Warcraft and Final Fantasy while she was gone, but it will be much better to have her back. I attempted yesterday to get a photo gallery chunk of code working with [...]

Progress Quest Reader 1.0

19 January, 2006 (11:24) | WordPress | By: Brian

I just created my first plugin for WordPress! It is the lovely Progress Quest character reader see you up top, there. I’ll package the code up later and release the plugin for the world to see. Very simple really, just install the plugin file, activate and then print the info wherever you like in your [...]

Helping out the Tigger

19 January, 2006 (09:17) | Life In General, WoW | By: Brian

I helped Tigger setup her own WordPress blog a couple days ago. This morning I moved it from the experimental area to her official page here. She’s using a nice Blue Theme that she found somewhere. I’m mostly done with the content on my own, tho I may recreate the Movie and Music pages from [...]

Is this thing on?

18 January, 2006 (10:48) | Life In General, WoW | By: Brian

So, I’m working on this WordPress thing. Been looking at themes over at the viewer. Once I get an idea of what actual content I want to put up here it will make things easier. For now I’m just taking a look around at what’s available. I know that I’m going to have a lot [...]

Welcome to my new home!

17 January, 2006 (16:51) | Life In General | By: Brian

Welcome to the new home of Brian on the Intarweb. I have decided to take the plunge and use WordPress to build my home page. I will be slowly moving content and such over from my old home page to this one. I learned a lot about php and mysql writing the old page by [...]