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Navigation Images and Double Header Coverage

Thanks to the mad photo skills of Eric Chang, we’ve added some great images of Bearcats Hockey to the navigation area. Eric currently plays for our dreaded rivals, the Knights. But when we’re not on the ice, he’s considered a Bearcat first and a great fill-in for us.
Last weekend the Bearcats organization managed to pull through a double header with style. Double game nights are always tough for the teams because of a couple players on both squads. Both games were close and exciting. The Tier I team put in a goal in the last minute of play to take the lead and fought off the return attack. The 7-6 win felt especially good after losing to District 5 twice earlier this season. Tier II came from behind to end their game in a tie, 3-3 and remain unbeaten. The fill-in surprise of that game goes to Katie Keeports for 2 goals and a lot of hustle. Sunday night also saw two new-to-adult-league UD Women’s players who played tough on the D line and helped keep the Bearcats in the game. The Bearcats Tier II team frequently fields the most women in the league, and we’re proud of all our ladies’ hard work and tenacity.
Tier 1 takes the ice again tonight (Sunday) at 10pm against Hooters, the first of two games in a row with them. Tier II hosts the Snipers Adult team Tuesday night at 10:15.

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New Look!

Look and feel customization of the site has begun, please put on your construction helmet while viewing. Eventually the sliding images across the top will be replaced with cool action photos of our team. The format for our schedule and roster pages has been generally laid out, but the data will be filled in soon.
Sunday the Bearcats organization has an exciting double-header. The Tier I team hits the ice at 9 pm in the Fred Rust arena and Tier II begins at 10 pm in the Gold rink. At 4-0-1, the Tier II Bearcats plan to continue their unbeaten streak against Hope Creek, who they beat in their first game of the season.

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All cylinders fire for an 8-3 Bearcats Tier 2 win over the Evil Monkeys

Fans saw an impressive display of passing, shooting and physical defense during an 8-3 win at the University of Delaware Gold Rink.

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Welcome Bearcat Fans!

Welcome to the new home for the Bellevue Bearcats. There is a large to-do list before we can roll out, but WordPress gets us most of the way there.

  • Create spreadsheets in Google Docs for roster/schedule/stats and link to them in the pages
  • Create a photo gallery area and upload more pictures than we know what to do with
  • Fill in the About and Contact pages.
  • Pick a nice theme and add some custom images
  • Start writing news and game recaps!

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