Techhouse 2010

November 11th, 2009 by Brian

Or, possibly, TH10? I’m working on a new techhouse community web site. The current plan is to use some combination of wordpress-mu, buddypress, plug-ins for both and some custom stuff to create a mini, private facebook-like place for our community to keep in touch and more. I hope to offer such features as:

  • User blogs (with pics and whatnot)
  • Community Photo Galleries (for events and weddings and whatnot)
  • Event Planning/Tracking (like a simple evite system just for us)
  • Forums (like the old one, but probably simpler)
  • Status Updates (maybe? Or may just grab status updates from other places)

That’s the general plan. First I have to work out the tech and plug-ins, then make it look nice.